Quick 6 with Negash Ali

Negash Ali Next in our Quick 6 series, we talk to singer/songwriter; Negash Ali about his new EP, Collage.

Why did you get into music?
Negash Ali: Creating my own music came from a very conscious standpoint. I had been this restless teenager who, kind of, had a hard time figuring out who I was, then my mother took me to visit some of our family in Sudan. That really gave me sense of purpose with my music. It was bigger then music as well, I had more a political approach to music then.

The new EP, The Collage is out, how do you feel?
NA: I feel great, one chapter closes another one opens. I can’t wait to create more and keep shaping the uniqueness of my sound. Continue reading Quick 6 with Negash Ali

On Pursuing Dreams

CallaghanNashville based singer/songwriter, Callaghan discusses pursuing her dreams.
words by Callaghan 

In 2010, I moved to the US. I still remember how scary that moment was. Leaving everything behind- friends, family, a steady income –for a place I’d never been before. It felt like a really big leap of faith. But looking back, nearly 5 years on, I’m so glad I did it!

Everyone at some point in their life makes momentous decisions and ventures into the unknown. For me that sense of adventure is what keeps life exciting. You never know where life might take you or what you can achieve until you jump in with both feet. Continue reading On Pursuing Dreams

Irony at LFW: Xiao Li and Wilson PK

The anti-fashion fashion movement has been a rave for a while.

This season, two of my favourite shows, Xiao Li and Wilson Pk were both very much steeped in that irony. The latter more subtly than the other. Wilson PK, a new face on the LFW circuit (after recently graduating from CSM) showed ‘100% Fragile Human'; a collection that shed light on the gentrification of spaces like Hackney and Brixton.Wilson PK

 Detail at Wilson PK

Continue reading Irony at LFW: Xiao Li and Wilson PK

Ghetts: The Rebel with a Cause

taken from Issue Zero, a compilation by Lost in Talent

In the background, Kare Anderson is discussing ‘opportunity makers’ and as she speaks it becomes more and more obvious that Justin Clarke fits the bill (almost).

Over the last decade, Clarke better known by his pseudonym Ghetts (formerly Ghetto) has been honing his top strengths and getting involved with different worlds (worlds outside of British rap). In March 2014, after five mixtapes and nine years, he released independently what we (the public) would call his debut album, Rebel with a Cause. To Clarke, it’s his second –a follow up to 2007’s Ghetto Gospel. “That’s my benchmark. I could never beat it,” he says of Ghetto Gospel. “Rebel with a Cause is sick but I can’t do that again. I was scared to say [Ghetto Gospel] is my album because I never had what we deemed as a major label back then. I was scared. I made Rebel with a Cause in the same format, not trying to be it, but in the same format.” Continue reading Ghetts: The Rebel with a Cause

The New Faces of Bookings

an outtake from our upcoming print premiere.

With London Fashion week looming large, it feels the right time to introduce some new faces to you. In December, as part of our debut print issue (I swear it’s coming soon-ish), we held a casting (of sorts) at the Bookings Models office.

Taking note from Sam Alexander’s interview, we made the casting more fun than face. Playing with irony, we invited 4 models to show us who they are, while holding a snap dragon -a flower that symbolises deceit and graciousness. Below find polaroids and their answers to six random questions. Continue reading The New Faces of Bookings