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a Conversation with Jocie Adam of Arc Iris

photo source: Boxx Magazine

In May, during the height of dissertation stress, I stepped outside of my schedule of either being at the library, or sitting in an oversized t-shirt in my flat writing to interview Arc Iris' front woman, Jocie Adams.

In 2011, driven by her want for "creative freedom", she released Bed of Notion -it was her first step as a solo artist and one that encouraged the formation of her new band, Arc Iris.
"I had made a record with the cellist [Robin Ryczek] previously," she says explaining the birth of Arc Iris "and I think we just decided it was an exciting path to follow. So, we started a band."

That carefree attitude seems to translate into the music too. Their self titled debut, although, steeped in folk tradition has a very varied sound (which she says was "unintentional") that has a few confused 'because it can't be easily categorised'. While Arc Iris was in Manchester, Jocie and I sat at a table much too big for a two and talked about the past, science and the concept of music as a mind opener. Below is chopped and edited transcript of our conversation.


Quick 6 with Rene Brown

Quick 6 features the answers to six very craft focused questions. Next in the series is young American rapper, Rene Brown. To coincide with the release of her new video, Chasing Dreams (above) -which she says is a "very personal song summing up her feelings and journey pursuing a career in music" -we briefly talked rap with Rene. 


a Conversation with O'Shea Robertson

Somehow ditching his then girlfriend for Rugby worked in O'Shea's favour. Five years ago, O'Shea Robertson, not to be confused with Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta thot O'Shea: the model, was scouted on a bus. In the five years since, he has signed with Select Models and walked for fashion houses like Givenchy, Versace and many more. Just before London Collections: Men, O'Shea and I sat at Costa discussing fashion, football and beauty (O'Shea's skin is flawless). Read a transcript of our conversation below.

Music Stalking #1

Playlist Title: Love then Lust.
A collection of songs documenting love (platonic or otherwise) or just plain old fucked up relationships. With lines like 'he has stolen all the good you had' on Bones to 'I need help but I won't ask, that's vulnerable' on Wynter Gordon's Hard Way, if listened to in sequence these songs tell a rather emotional story.

Share your thoughts with us below about the playlist and songs. Which song did you like most and what story did you get from the playlist?
We'd like to make this a permanent feature, and we'd love to get your feedback. 


Live: Charlotte O.C.

Usually I steer clear of music reviews because honestly I don't really see their point. I feel like concert or gig reviews should either be "Really good. He/She is worth seeing." or "Really shit. Don't bother wasting your money." Okay maybe with a list of why, something short and sweet because with music no two shows should have the same energy or be completely the same -no matter how choreographed or organised a show.

Anyway, here is a show review on Charlotte O.C. who I saw play at the Sebright Arms. (I think it's important to note that I'm really only writing this review because I didn't want the photos I took during show to just sit on my laptop.)