Disposable Dreams: palmer//harding

The third instalment of the series is here and this time we head to Paris  with designers, Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding of palmer//harding.

words by Levi Palmer

Paris fashion week is always an interesting journey. It begins with Matthew and myself extremely exhausted from 3 weeks of sleep deprivation in the run up to London Fashion Week to finish a collection, then stuffing that collection into 4 suitcases to take it to sales. This part is always heartbreaking as we’ve spent the past 2 months creating and caring for these precious garments to have them be presented most beautifully at our catwalk, and then to see them folded and rolled and squished into such a tight space is always something that makes our hearts bleed slightly.
The second part of packing includes editing our personal wardrobe for a 9 day trip to fit into the remaining nooks and crannies of the suitcase. This generally only allows space for t-shirts, jeans, many of which we have to wear more than once, and 9 days of underwear. Whoever says fashion is glamorous obviously doesn’t work in it.
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Claudia Ligari

Autumn-Winter with Claudia Ligari

Next in our AW’14 mini series, we talk to  Claudia Ligari, the brain behind the women’s wear label of the same name. She shows us how to express feminine sensuality with a peculiar androgynous twist this winter, as she tells us what AW’14 means for her and the Claudia Ligari girl.

TDS: What does autumn/winter mean for you?
CL: I was born in the north of Italy and winters have always been very cold up there. For that reason, Autumn/Winter for me only means keeping warm and comfortable as much as possible without giving up style  Continue reading

Q&A with Lisbon

Lisbon;  a four piece “alt pop” band from Newcastle, that is made up of Joe Atkinson, Matthew Varty, Gaz Turkington and Alex Wright (as above from left to right) stood with me in the middle of a pavement (or sidewalk? whichever one is English) in Kings Cross to very briefly discussed their debut EP, Life is Good. Which is expected later this month.

Fresh from their support slot at Chloe Howl’s Scala gig, (where they give a stellar performance) the boys are buzzing as they laugh and talk about what goes into being in a band these days.

TDS: Talk us through the band name, Lisbon, where did that come from?
MV: It roughly our EP name, which is Life is Good.
JA: So it stands for that. Like Bon in French is good and the L is Life.
TDS: That quite clever. So the EP, what can we expect from it?
MV: Fun and games. Lots of dancing, the tunes you put on with your mates when you’re about to go out.
JA: Alternative indie pop music. Lots of energy in the songs.

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Hanger Inc

Autumn – Winter with Hanger Inc.

England has been hit –rather harshly– with winter’s wrath. It’s officially autumn-winter 14/15, you know that season we covered six months earlier?
I’ve been combing through my wardrobe for AW pieces that have been hidden since our first sighting of the sun in April. The turtle necks and beanies are back. This season, however, I want to inject something new -add to my usual go-to’s,  so I decided to pick some of my favourite young designers’ brains, to get inspiration for this winter.

First in the mini-series discussing AW’14 is designer Claire Davis, who founded Hanger Inc (in 2013), a London based brand that focuses on ‘creating innovative albeit wearable clothing for women’.

The Dream Stalker: What emotions would you say the Hanger inc girl/woman would be evoking come September?
Claire Davis: Most likely a definite sense of darkness. Not many welcome the onset of winter, but the Hanger woman would do this by embracing blood coloured wools and sharp tailoring. Continue reading

Laura Jae

The Lost Voices: Laura Jae

Laura Jae can’t remember the exact moment she decided she wanted to be a singer. She says “coming from a very musical family” may have subconsciously triggered the desire. “My dad was a singer, my mum was an artist and singer. My aunt’s a singer. So, they would involve me in so many musical [things] like dance classes, singing lessons, a lot of stuff like that [when I was younger].”1-IMG_8076 Laura photographed in her hometown, Greenwich.

Later, she took on those things herself and soon started recording covers on her computer, but it wasn’t until meeting British group, Rudimental abroad that she really took it very seriously. “I learnt that there are really no excuses, if you really want to multitask you can. Pier [Agget], he would go in -he’d ride his bike from work, do sessions and balance that with being in a band. He used to do so much, so I was like ‘you know what?’ there is no excuse. If you really want to do something you can do it. I learnt that from them.”

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Quick 6 with Ted Zed

Ted Zed imageVox

Quick 6 features the answers to six very craft focused questions. Next in our the series is music new comer, Ted Zed. The multi instrumentalist whose newest EP, Believe was released on the 15th September, discussed his growth, online hate and performing in a converted pig shed with us for the series.

The Dream Stalker: Where did the name Ted Zed come from?
Ted Zed: Generation Z is the ‘connected generation’, the generation with technology anyone who was born in the 90’s and 00’s comes under this bracket I think… Also Zed rhymes with Ted

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And it’s a Wrap, our first zine

I am beyond excited to bring you our first zine,  ‘And it’s a Wrap’. A celebration of models and rap music inspired by photographer, Ibra Ake’s Below are outtakes and previews from the project, hard copies of which are available.

‘And it’s a Wrap’ is a 32 page zine featuring exclusive portraits of models taken during London Fashion Week, signed with their favourite rap lyrics.

zine page previewactual pages from the zine.

Cheyenne Carty (Elite London) quoting Future’s ‘I Won’

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[LFW SS15] Orla Kiely

I’ve come to associate Orla Kiely with Nostalgia. There is usually a sense that each presentation is an attempt to bring the past to the present. One season –autumn-winter 2013 — I saw Orla Kiely present a collection influenced by the working women of the 60s in an office set.

Spring Summer 2015 was quite similar. Orla Kiely is still pulling from the past, with her “Flower Power” collection inspired by the swinging 60s and Spring’s Bloom. Florals for Spring isn’t exactly original (for fashion), though a season staple. The presentation, however, was unique.

There was a lot to take in as the music cut on -from artist, Alia Penner and her partners painting flowers onto a screen to the girls (models) dressed in Orla Kiely planting flowers into pots and circling the garden. The production was adorable, the clothes; an interesting mesh of feminine and masculine though pastel colours and florals were heavily featured. Flower Power showed what working girls should be in the summer -comfortable yet commercial.

Surviving Freshers’

It’s fresher’s season and a certain writer has some wise words for you on surviving your first year. Please note, the thoughts expressed in this post are strictly those of the author  –not Lost in Talent’s.

written by Anonymous 
edited by Lost in Talent

Lock your Facebook down.
For some reason, clubs have photographers that document your bad choices (some that may one day ruin your chance at presidency, if that’s your thing) and your friends feel the need to tag you in any and everything. If you have family that you don’t want to offend or think less of you, lock it down. Put the review tags on.

Insure your stuff! People steal, you lose thing when you’re drunk, better to be safe than stuck with a Nokia 300 for a year.

Forget about really owning food. No one cares about who owns what. My advice, make friends with your roommate so you can all share and you don’t get annoyed when someone eats your stuff. Continue reading


[LFW SS15] Faustine Steinmetz

Faustine Steinmetz mentioned her garment workers; their names are printed on every garment they make. So, even though everything at the Faustine Steinmetz presentation screamed rebel, carefree –maybe even slightly out of control, –from the hair (a wet look created by Ben Talbott) to the model (Kristine Barupa at IMG Models) laid out in her underwear, to the gold tags (clipped to the distressed denims) that at first glance suggest these items may have been obtained by a five-finger discount. The Faustine Steinmetz girl does care, she cares about things that matter, like who made her clothes (not the designer but the real who) and where and how they were made. The Faustine girl is cool, maybe even too cool for the word.

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