5 must see installations at the London Design Biennale

An image of the water machine which looks like a gumball machine filled with water balls

There is no bolder ‘London is Open’ statement than the London Design Biennale. It’s ironically timed. On the day it opens to the press, the news of a wall to keep refugees out of Britain is circulating the internet. Yet in Somerset House, London Design Festival organisers, Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans, hosting representatives from 37 countries, have curated a “global design village” of sorts.

Utopia is the theme they’ve been asked to take on. Approaches vary so much between countries that Thomas More’s (whose book was the base of theme) definition of utopia; “no place” is reinforced. 500 years later. And the ridiculousness of our constant pursuit of perfection highlighted. There is much to learn and experience at ‘Utopia by Design’. Here are 5 must see installations at the London Design Biennale.

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The Lost Voices: Lary

During a visit to Berlin, artist Lary and I sit for a couple of conversations about ideals, music –and life in general. While our interactions and talks were typically lengthy and covering a wide spectrum of topics, this profile attempts to mainly document Lary ‘the artist’ at the time of our meeting in January.

“What do you feel you bring to music?”

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a Conversation with Sara Hartman

Sara Hartman’s excitement is believable and quite contagious. When we speak over Skype, the singer/songwriter who recently moved from Sag Harbor, New York to Berlin, Germany to pursue music, talks excitedly about her music and adventures planned for the year. Her debut single, ‘Monsters Lead Me Home’ and live performance –witnessed at Eurosonic Noorderslag –providing cause for it. Below we discuss her forthcoming album and get to know the new comer…
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a Conversation with Schmieds Puls

During Eurosonic Noorderslag, we got the opportunity to sit and talk with a few artists playing for the a Conversation series. As part of the series, we spoke briefly with Mira Lu Kovacs of Schmieds Puls about the role music school plays in forming musicians and the connection between her two albums; ‘Play Dead’ (2013) and ‘I Care A Little Less About Everything Now’ (2015). Get to know Mira a bit below. Continue reading “a Conversation with Schmieds Puls”