Out There Suits by Mira Kovacs

Mira Kovac of Schmeids Puls photographed by christian schneider

Mira Kovacs photographed on stage by Christian Schneider.

Mira Kovacs, who performs under the moniker Schmieds Puls, pays tribute to the suit and Janelle Monae’s style attitude.

Alright, now, I thought this would be easy. I thought writing about what outfits I choose when I perform would be simple. But when I started writing versions of this little essay here, I began to understand that a complicated process starts whenever I think of what to wear on stage. It’s almost a political decision.

The other day I saw an interview with Janelle Monae where she was asked about the inspiration for her grandiose outfits. She replied briefly “Don’t dress for boys”. I loved that answer. I want to believe that I hardly ever dressed for boys in my life. Maybe sometimes during my teenage years, but I would always add an androgynous accessory. I like big boots, big skater sneakers, I think one can combine anything with those. No matter how sweet and nice you may look in a dress or in a skirt, boots will make it look more aggressive, more “I put my foot down”, more grounded. I like that. Plus I can’t wear any kind of heels, they destroy my equilibrium.

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Packing for Catching Kelce, Avery Schlereth on fashion and dating

Catching Kelce was the most amazing, insane, and trying experience I have ever endured…and packing for the show was a beast of its own. We were not told anything about what we were going to be doing on the show, so when I was putting my suitcases together my thoughts were to over pack. I would rather have way too much than too little, so I packed pretty much everything.

Since it was a dating show, I wanted to be sure that I stayed true to myself and didn’t over do it just because I was going to be on TV. Fashion is one way I can express who I am. Although, fashion is often defined by clothes we wear, it is so much more. Fashion, to me, represents a world where confidence, inspiration, personality, and creativity collide.

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I’m Serving…

An essay on beauty by Brooke DeVard Smith.

Andre Leon Talley proclaims, “It’s a Famine of Beauty, Honey!” in the behind-the-scenes Vogue documentary September Issue (2011). It’s a declaration I find myself repeating inside of my head as I flip through fashion magazines or scroll through my Instagram feed. Something peculiar is going on with beauty these days: everyone looks the same.

Maybe we have YouTube to blame. Everyone can become a master of blended foundation, a contouring queen, or highlighting guru in the comfort of their own bedroom after watching a handful of tutorials. Normal girls are becoming make-up artists, and more power to them, but I see little that moves me in terms of beauty inspiration from these vloggers. Where’s the Pat McGrath of YouTube? Diana Vreeland explained it best when she said ‘Too much good taste can be boring’. What’s the point in looking perfectly polished if you look like everyone else?

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