Packing for Catching Kelce, Avery Schlereth on fashion and dating

Catching Kelce was the most amazing, insane, and trying experience I have ever endured…and packing for the show was a beast of its own. We were not told anything about what we were going to be doing on the show, so when I was putting my suitcases together my thoughts were to over pack. I would rather have way too much than too little, so I packed pretty much everything.

Since it was a dating show, I wanted to be sure that I stayed true to myself and didn’t over do it just because I was going to be on TV. Fashion is one way I can express who I am. Although, fashion is often defined by clothes we wear, it is so much more. Fashion, to me, represents a world where confidence, inspiration, personality, and creativity collide.

I didn’t actually get a good grasp of my style until about two years ago when I developed this different sense of self-confidence. Then what I liked in clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. became clear. About that time, my cousin and I started a fashion blog, Style Hour, it gives us a chance to express ourselves and share what we like with the world, to hopefully inspire and empower others to love the skin they’re in. We believe that no matter what your personal style is, fashion should be a creative reflection and expression of how you love yourself. We don’t let fashion define us. That’s the mindset I had when packing for Catching Kelce.

The most obvious thing, to me, whilst packing for the show was to bring all of my favourite dresses, after all I feel most confident in them. Little did I know some of those dresses would be worn to elimination. As I wasn’t aware of how long I’d be on the show, I ended up bringing 4 suitcases full of jeans, t-shirts, flannels, sweatshirts, sweaters, shorts, shoes, accessories, swimsuits, and so on. I thought it was a bit excessive but you got to do what you got to do. That worked out for me, thankfully, because there was a different plan for everyday.

Avery Schlereth photographed with Travis Kelce in a fountain on a date during Catching Kelce

Avery Schlereth and Travis Kelce on a date during Catching Kelce. Photograph via E!

What most people probably noticed from my time on the show is there is an edge to my style. One thing I make sure to do when picking an outfit is always leave room for imagination. I believe you don’t have to show all of your skin to make a fashion statement or get noticed. So with every outfit I wore on a date, it was a balancing act. The dress I wore on the Pink’s Hot Dogs date was very flirty with its open back but it had a high neck, and the dress I wore on Mullholland Dr. —a long sleeve t-shirt style dress —was pretty covered but I paired it with thigh high suede boots. We never knew when we were going to get dates so when I did I always put together (very quickly) something that evoked my personality.

It was a dating show, there were more girls than just me. Getting time with Travis [Kelce] (above) was difficult but I think that style helped show a bit of who I am. Our choice of clothing can have huge impacts on people, because the first thing we see is what’s on the outside. On Catching Kelce, and every day, I try to project who I am on the inside onto the outside —using fashion. Discovering your style doesn’t happen over night. Style is more than what you wear. It is about understanding who you are and being comfortable in that. Since we are constantly evolving, our style will constantly evolve. Thats the beauty of it.

Avery Schlereth represented Colorado as part of E!’s dating show, Catching Kelce.