Google and Ivyrevel’s Data dress

From the Muslim ban, use of alternative facts to many alleged embarrassing phone calls with world leaders, US President, Donald Trump, has provided comedians and journalists with ample material. So its no surprise that politics is expected to be a huge talking point during the upcoming New York Fashion Week (which kicks off in New York Feb 9).

Already the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has announced a campaign, spearheaded by Tracy Reese, to support Planned Parenthood. During the New York shows 43 designers including Prabal Gurung will be spotting Planned Parenthood pins on their final walk. Beyond the politics, NYFW is expected to be somewhat different this season –as Phillip Plein makes a move to New York and both Raf Simons and Jonathan Saunders make their debuts at Calvin Klein and Diane von Furstenberg respectively.

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Noteworthy: Politics and fashion collide

Backstage at Prada by Virginia Arcaro

Image: Backstage at Prada by Virginia Arcaro for Dazed & Confused

Stories and opinions from around the internet compiled by Lost in Talent on a bi-weekly basis.

Fashion’s response (or lack of response) to Trump’s #MuslimBan discussed by Business of Fashion.

“My sentiment for 2017 is one of caution”. Bernard Arnault of LVMH, the biggest largest luxury group, warns on the impact of a ‘Hard Brexit’ and Trump presidency after reporting record revenue and profit in 2016. Reuters reports.

Is gender-blending good for the business of fashion? With merger of men’s and women’s shows this year, the Financial Times investigates how this is having an impact.

11 ringleaders of fashion share what influences their choices of clothing. Read about their influences via 1843

Trend forecasters predict Brexit and Trump will impact what we see on the runway and thus what is in stores this season. Loud statements are forecast to be all the rage. Find out what other fashion trends they are predicting via Racked.

Packing for Catching Kelce, Avery Schlereth on fashion and dating

Catching Kelce was the most amazing, insane, and trying experience I have ever endured…and packing for the show was a beast of its own. We were not told anything about what we were going to be doing on the show, so when I was putting my suitcases together my thoughts were to over pack. I would rather have way too much than too little, so I packed pretty much everything.

Since it was a dating show, I wanted to be sure that I stayed true to myself and didn’t over do it just because I was going to be on TV. Fashion is one way I can express who I am. Although, fashion is often defined by clothes we wear, it is so much more. Fashion, to me, represents a world where confidence, inspiration, personality, and creativity collide.

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We Marched, What Next?

Women's March London: We Marched What Next?

On Saturday 21st January 2017, as thousands of women across the world gathered to march for women’s rights, the message was loud and very clear. We have had enough. The energy at Trafalgar Square (the Women’s March London rally point) was inspiring, as we strained to hear those speaking. But, whilst we were walking away after the rally rather than feel settled; I was distressed. The questions “Where will we go from here?”, “How long will this anger last?”, “What will be done about it?” and “What Next?” looped through my mind as I walked to Leicester Square (and until I arrived home). From social media, it seemed many others were also thinking ‘What Next?’.

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Road to Eurosonic: ONUKA’s transformation

How does style help convey messages you want to get across through music?
I think that audio and visual sides are so close, especially nowadays. They depend from each other and create some symbiosis together. Sometimes music can deepen image and vice versa.

The image of ONUKA was created by Patoka Studio headed by Lesia Patoka and ERTEQOOB headed by Andrei Krupchinskiy. They are responsible for clothing, accessories, image, hairstyle, makeup and visual image in general. They are my closest friends and supporters, without whom ONUKA would not be the same as it is now. Designer Lesia Patoka is a person that believed in me and inspired me to create a solo project. Now we create our costumes together. Let’s just say, the visual style of ONUKA is our creative collaboration under her strict guidance.

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Noteworthy: Changes within the fashion industry

An Image of British retail store, John Lewis

Outside the Oxford Street John Lewis store. Image via Retail Week

Stories and opinions from around the internet compiled by Lost in Talent on a bi-weekly basis.

Luke Leitch, style editor of 1843, examines social media’s role in the changing dynamic of the fashion industry. Read about how social media is changing fashion.

Experts and leaders in the field of fashion and sustainability, from Eco-Age’s Livia Firth to Bianca Alexander of Conscious Living TV, make their predictions of what will happen with ecofashion in 2017. See all their predictions via Ecouterre.

Does sustainability marketing work? Advertising Age examines.

In light of award season, The Fashion Law provides a lesson in luxury branding. Read more about haute couture on the red carpet.

As the number of British shoppers embracing online shopping increases, retailers prepare. With John Lewis announces cuts in employee bonuses to invest in better online infrastructure. Read more about the cuts and pressures the British retailer faces.

Road to Euronsonic: Coordinating with Anna Meredith

Continuing our discussion with artists on the Eurosonic bill, we speak with British composer and performer, Anna Meredith about expression in music and fashion.

How does style help convey messages you want to get across through music?
Fashion can definitely help convey the story of an artist and take the audience into a different kind of performance space, making the artist seem different to everyday. It’s not been a big part of my development as a musical voice. However, it’s more something I think about after when thinking about how we’ll perform as a band. It’s about creating unity and a look for the band that ties us together (at the moment we all wear black and gold) despite our differences. Continue reading as Anna Meredith discusses coordinating with her band and standing out…